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Frequently Asked Questions

There are some general questions that we get asked often by our customers. You can quickly see the answers to some of these questions below. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please phone us on 07 261 1073 and we will be happy to provide you with assistance.

Is free anti-virus software okay? What about the Microsoft Defender product?

Free antivirus software has it's merits, but there are some things you need to be aware of - 

- many free antivirus programs will barrage you with popups and messages to upgrade to their premium service
- the antivirus definition updates may not be delivered to your system as frequently as they would on a premium (paid for) service
- you will often not get a full spectrum protection (anti-virus + malware protection + firewall + website safety protection etc) with many free products

We recommend that our clients use MalwareBytes premium product. You can buy MalwareBytes from us online from our Links page.

Should I defragment (defrag) my hard drive? If yes, then how often?

The short answer is, no you do not need to defragment your hard drive. If your system is running Windows 8 or newer, windows will actually be doing defrag in the background. Also, if you have a solid state drive, running a defrag is not necessary, and is actually not good to run as it will decrease the overall lifespan of your drive.

How long should my computer last? Should I get a new one every year or two?

There is no really straight answer to this question, but really it comes down to the type of systems you purchase. If you purchase a low end budget computer, you can't expect that it will last longer than 2 years, or that in 2 years time it will have enough processing power and memory to compete with the computers being sold then. If you want to sell your budget PC in 2 years time, you won't get as much for it than what you would for a computer that was a bit more up-spec at the time you purchased. The simple rule is to buy according to your requirements and expectations of how long you want it to last. If you are looking to buy a new system and want some recommendations, give us a call on 07 261 1073 and we'll help you get a machine that suits you.  

My Hard Drive (Disk) needs repaired. Can this be done? Do I need to back up my files?

 I repair most Hard Drive Disk (HDD) faults. Most issues can be fixed without taking the actual disk apart. I do encourage everyone to back up to an external HDD or even better use the FREE Cloud services with Google, One Drive etc.

A proper technician can repair most HDD faults economically, most of time, without losing data. Replacing the Hard Disk is also easy for a trained technician, although it requires re-installing Windows or OS, then repopulating with Data from a back-up. Even if HDD is bad I can often remove user data off of it. If you do have a suspected Hard Disk issue, takeit to a qualified Computer Engineer.